Based on your medical history and symptoms we provide the following procedures and services. Please click on any of the items to learn more about them.

  • Electrophysiology studies - diagnostic procedure where catheters are placed in the heart to evaluate and reproduce electrical pathways or arrhythmias

  • Radiofrequency catheter ablation - a procedure where catheters are placed in strategic positions in the heart to ablate and correct certain electrical pathways that cause arrhythmias

  • Cardiac Pacemaker – a device implanted to help patients with slow heart rhythms or bradycardia

  • Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD) - a device implanted to protect a patient from dangerously fast heart rhythms or tachycardia, they also can do the work of a pacemaker

  • Cardiac Resynchronization Device (CRT) Implantation - a device implanted to help patients with heart failure by pacing both the right and left ventricles producing improved cardiac output, they may also do the work of an ICD and pacemaker

  • Physician Personally Involved in Medical Device Follow - Up and Optimization - Dr. Duong with his expertise in implantable devices is personally involved with pacemaker, ICD and CRT device follow-up checks including how to program and optimize for best results for a patient

  • Loop recorder - a small chip like device that is implanted just below the skin to record any possible heart rhythm disturbances

  • Cardioversions - a procedure that is done where a arrhythmia is converted using a shock

  • Tilt Table – test that is done to evaluate possible cause of syncope where a patient is placed in an upright position

  • Investigational ablation and device therapies

  • Individualized medical therapy and diagnostic services

  • Risk assessment for life threatening arrhythmias